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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a set of advertising programs where listings are guaranteed to appear in response to particular search terms, with higher ranking typically obtained by paying more than other advertisers. Search networks are often setup in an auction environment where keywords and phrases are associated with a cost-per-click (CPC) fee. Overture (Yahoo!) and Google are the largest networks, but MSN and other portals sell paid placement listings directly as well.

Direct Hit Solutions offers complete Pay Per Click Advertising Services which allow our clients’ websites to reach over 90% of the Internet audience, and have their websites placed at the top of all the major Search Engines. The benefits of using our Pay Per Click firms services include “state of the art” technology and the “learning” of a complex platform that can actually determine which keywords convert better for each clients’ campaign and optimize those specific keywords run in the most Return On Investment focused way a Pay Per Click campaign could possibly run.

What We Do

Our Pay Per Click team creates accounts with the top Search Engines on the Internet including Google (ranked #1 search engine), Yahoo! (ranked #2 search engine), MSN (ranked #3 search engine), and the Verizon Superpages ( also ranked #1 Internet Yellow Pages Provider) and generates qualified traffic to your company’s website by using strategically picked keywords and bidding tools.

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