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Web Development

Javacript, PHP, Python, and .Net are just a few common names you’ll hear around our office and the web developers at DHS Digital are well versed in all programming languages to give you the flexibility and scalability to create a new web project from scratch, develop code within an existing project, or migrate and redevelop existing code.

Beyond custom coding we also work with some of the top platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and many others if you’re looking for an all-in one solution. From E-commerce to database creation, we are your complete source for Web Development. Our Web Site Development Services include:

  • Custom Web Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Social Community Development
  • Mobile Website Design & Development

Showcase Project:

Here is one example that shows DHS Digital’s innovation and how we are able to help clients looking for new and upcoming technology.

Location Based Check-In  Mobile Application

In 2007, prior to when smartphones were truly “smart”, we developed a social oriented website with one of the first of its kind location-based check-in functionality. The mobile application allowed users to check bar ratings from the website or mobile device and also rate each bar in a non-biased way to help initiate other users to use the platform. We also implemented a backend functionality allowing bar owners  the ability to sponsor their own profiles and reach more users.

  • E-Commerce Paid Placement Portal: The client needed a way to generate revenue without using up multiple resources so we developed a self-service paid placement portal for advertisers where they can upload their only advertisements including images and banners to be placed throughout the site. This Pay Per Click (PPC) bidding system similar to Google AdWords was developed for advertisers with ease of use with low resources. The bidding system allowed the administrator to control all bidding functionality including set minimum bids and all bid amounts. E-Commerce integration for recurring monthly payments, one-time payments, and custom invoices was also implemented.
  • Content Management System: We developed a user-friendly custom content management system written in PHP for administrators and advertisers. 
  • Review System: A front-end review system was custom coded so users could easily check-in on their mobile device and then easily review the establishment in a few clicks.
Web Development

100% Dedication

Whether you’re a Fortune 100 client or a start-up, we take pride in putting forth the same award winning effort for each and every client.

Web Development Specialists

This is what we do. Since 2005, we have been at the forefront of the industry and our focus is your business.

A Decade of Excellence

For nearly a decade we have continued to build our company through our own principles and referrals.

Over 250 Satisfied Customers

We have the experience needed in a complex environment where things are constantly changing.

We Get Things Done

Simply put. We have completed every project that have come though our doors. In an industry where less than 50% of projects get completed and companies come and go, we have maintained our presence for nearly a decade.

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