We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
Our old website needed far more than a facelift, it needed to incorporate lead generation and search engine optimization components that would set us apart from our competition. DHS's thorough understanding of the technical aspects of web development as well as the intricacies of search engine optimization coupled with a great eye for detail and design allowed them to create a website that far exceeded our lofty expectations for the project. We presented them with a laundry list of challenges throughout the development process and they worked closely with us to come up with innovative solutions for every one of them. It was abundantly clear in working with them that they cared as much about the project as we did. In the end, they delivered us a website that not only looks amazing, but we have seen a dramatic increase in traffic and the site has already generated an astonishing number of new leads and sales. I would highly recommend DHS to anyone in the market for a web developer who has a thorough understanding of what it takes to make a website stand out and get found on the web today.
D. Connelly
Marketing Coordinator
DHS helped us develop our first user-friendly website with mobile technology.  We approached them last year with a difficult task to create a member-based website that interacts with mobile phones.  Regardless of how many changes we requested, they continually exceeded our demands.  We could not be more pleased with the success of our website thus far.  Thanks to DHS Digital's experience in search engine optimization, the number of visitors to our site has increased time and time again.  We set our goals very high and DHS Digital still surpassed them.  We would highly recommend them to anyone interested in developing a great site with superior optimization.
R. Rantz
DHS Digital took the outline of our dream for a website and created an attractive, warm, inviting website for our users. Building our website from the ground up was no easy task. We had many special requests that DHS had to deal with, but they managed to take each request and turn it into a reality. They worked long and hard hours on our site and I couldn’t be more pleased with the extraordinary job they did and the outcome they achieved. The number of visitors to our site has increased, as well as the number and monetary amount of donations. I would highly recommend DHS Digital.
P. Loder
Executive Director
Brian's down-to-earth personality allows for a great working relationship. The work I have contracted to DHS Digital has always been done with quality and punctuality in mind. Brian's team was instrumental in my re-branding project for Midwesco in 2007 and worked within my budget.
D. Lowman
Marketing Communications and Database Manager
Brian's down-to-earth personality allows for a great working relationship. The work I have contracted to DHS Digital has always been done with quality and punctuality in mind. Brian's team was instrumental in my re-branding project for Midwesco in 2007 and worked within my budget.
M. Bigelow
I most appreciate how well they understand our business. In many ways, the team at DHS knows just as much about what we're doing as people in our full-time marketing department. Another big strength is how much they value building a relationship with the client.
K. Flynn
Marketing Director
FANTASTIC! DHS is the absolute best digital marketing company in Chicago. Their team listens to your needs/wants and then caters to them very well. I would happily recommend them to anyone else.
C. Christens
Marketing Manager
DHS has been a great partner to us. Although DHS was initially brought onboard to help with our digital marketing efforts, they quickly went above and beyond to help with our overall brand strategy including a much needed website revamp. Their creative approach has made them a valuable partner and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a partner that will listen and show growth.
D. Walton
Senior Brand Manager
Just good people! Everyone we've dealt with at DHS has been very insightful and helped us through our journey of making an impact in a very niche industry. Since we started with DHS we've hired 8 new people and our sales have grown month over month.
B. Everett
Sales Manager
We’ve been happy with DHS from the beginning. The team is thorough from a project management standpoint, they ask a lot of questions, and are willing to be flexible in terms of the different testing we aim to do. We receive reports on a weekly basis, and we have increased our traffic and conversions.
H. Martin
Sales and Marketing Manager
Creative, intuitive, geniuses. We were missing several “little” things that DHS pointed out and we implemented them quickly on our website. Literally saw returns from these “little” things overnight!
E. Yang
Director of Marketing
Very professional and they know SEO and used many creative methods to increase our rankings on Google. While their work helped our search results dramatically, it also benefited everyone by providing valuable information to all who search on the web.
T. Kendrick
Senior VP, Sales
We run a fairly busy e-commerce site and our site got hacked bad. We contacted the company we were using but time after time it kept getting breached so we knew we needed to make a change fast. After talking to the management team at DHS for only a few minutes I knew they were the right choice. Have had hundreds of hack attempts since and no breaches!
B. Fitts
IT Director