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Direct Hit Solutions Web Design/Development Terms of Service

All services provided by Direct Hit Solutions are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Quotes & Contracts
Quotes provided to prospects will be honored for 30 days. A new quote will then be provided upon request. Contracts that have been written, but not signed by the client will only be accepted within 30 days of the delivery date. A new contract may be drawn up upon request.

Charges & Fees
All new web design projects that are less than $5,000 US require full payment upon contract signing. Projects where the total cost is over $5,000 US will be split into multiple payments. An initial 50% deposit will be due at contract signing. The remaining 50% balance spread amongst monthly payments and the final payment will be due upon acceptance of the completed web development project before it is released to the client or published to the internet.

Hours of Operation
Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8 am -6 pm cst and online support is available 7 days a week.

Copyright & Ownership
Upon completion of the project, Direct Hit Solutions transfers all rights and ownership of designs and programming written by Direct Hit Solutions to the client. Since all graphics and 3rd party software are either owned or purchased by Direct Hit Solutions to use for design/development projects, the rights to use the graphics and or 3rd party software are transferred to the client, however such graphics or 3rd party software still remain under copyright of their respective owners.

Direct Hit Solutions reserves the right to display websites and graphics that have been designed by Direct Hit Solutions on their website, and in any marketing material to aid as examples of our work.

Warranties and Indemnification
Direct Hit warrants that all designs and programming delivered to client will be original or that Direct Hit has licensed the rights to such designs or programming and transferred such rights to client. Direct Hit agrees to execute any documents reasonably required by client in order to facilitate or effect the transfer of such rights to client. Direct Hit further warrants that its work for the client will not infringe any third party rights of any kind. Direct Hit agrees to defend client against any actions and indemnify client against any costs, fees, or damages resulting from its breach or alleged breach of these warranties.

Direct Hit Solutions requires a deposit before we begin work on any project. A request to terminate services must be presented to Direct Hit Solutions in writing and all project deposits are non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation, DHS will pro-rate a refund of any portion of the remaining work that still is not completed based on the amount of hours it will take for the remaining project to be completed at a rate of $85/hour. In laymans’s terms if a project is near completion yet a cancellation is received and there are still 2 hours of work remaining the client would receive a refund of $170.00.

If we are unable to communicate with a client on a project for a duration of at least sixty days (60) by phone or email during the design and development process, the project will be canceled without prior notice and no refund will be issued.

Project Consideration
Please note that Direct Hit Solutions is a family owned and operated company. Therefore, we will not accept projects that we find morally questionable, unethical, or distasteful.

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