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Since Social Media is now the key focus for branding and promoting businesses directly to their clientele, we at Direct Hit Solutions have now bundled the two most popular Social Communities in Facebook and Twitter for one ridiculously low price. New client’s that sign on for Social Media Marketing in the month of September, will receive our complete Facebook and Twitter Marketing services for $1,500/month (normally $2,000/month).

What’s included:

* Social Communities Managed (Facebook and Twitter)
* Social Bookmarking Sites Managed (Digg and Delicious)
* Blogs / Wiki’s Managed (2 of your choice)
* Detailed Social Media Strategy
* Social Community Page Setup & Design
* Keyword Consulting
* Seeding
* Paid Placement Management
* Friend / Fan / Finder Service
* Blogging
* Social Engagements
* Friend Requests
* Daily Wall Updates
* Daily Tweets
* Group Membership
* Unique Content Created / Copywriting Services
* Social Reviews
* Blog Management
* Standard Press Release Distribution
* Video Optimization
* Dedicated Account Manager
* Online, Phone, and Email Technical Support
* Weekly Reporting

Keep in mind, these services are completely month to month; however as long as you continue Social Media Marketing Services with us your cost for this Social Media promotion will never go up.

Also, keep in mind of the amazing benefits that Social Media offers:

* Customer Engagement
* Direct Customer Communications
* Speed of Feedback/Results
* Learning Customer Preferences
* Low Cost
* Brand Building
* Market Research
* Credibility
* Reach
* Lead Generation
* Customer Services

Contact us today and get rolling with the hottest new media out there today!

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