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Probably one of the most undervalued parts of the SEO process is SEO Campaign Management.

So what happens after you’ve done SEO for a good period of time and have achieved the rankings you’re looking for? If you ask a champion athlete or other top industry professional what the hardest part of their job is, they’d probably say staying at the top.

Direct Hit Solutions believes SEO Management is just as important and should be just as aggressively approached as the beginning stages of the SEO process.

Some of the areas that we like to focus on are:

* Algorithmic Changes
* Competition
* Changes to your website
* Keyword Trends

The growth of the web is still at its infancy stages. Over 10,000 new websites are added to the web every day and there are still only 10 spots on page one of search results. Approximately 11% of Search Engine Marketing is focused on SEO, so in a way, SEO is still in its infancy stages as well. As time progresses and webmasters become more educated on SEO, the competition for top spots will only become more challenging.

Your company’s website also undergoes changes over a period of time including additional fresh content, images, links, etc. These changes should be updated by an SEO professional and consistently having SEO performed on your website is crucial for making sure additional keywords can be added appropriately and existing keywords perform at their top level. Also, keep in mind these major Search Engines are constantly evolving to make the search process better for each searcher. SEO Management can extend the life your existing SEO campaign you’ve already made positive strides on. Direct Hit Solutions web development professionals specialize in SEO Management from short-term to long-term commitments. Our industry leading SEO professionals will take your website into the next phase of online marketing by improving your current SEO efforts with our SEO Management and Maintenance Services.

SEO Management and On-Going SEO Campaign Management from Direct Hit Solutions

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