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For companies looking to gain the in-house knowledge and expertise of the ever changing Search Engine Optimization industry, Direct Hit Solutions offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting services at affordable rates.

Our SEO experts lead the industry with fresh ideas and proven methods for gaining even the most complex websites positive rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Our SEO and Web Development teams are specialists in SEO insight for all websites including php, .net, and e-commerce sites. Direct Hit Solutions offers our SEO Consulting services remotely as well as onsite training and education. Our Search Engine Optimization consulting plans are broken down into one week sessions and are available in our Chicago office as well.

Some of the areas that we like to focus our SEO Consulting efforts on are:

* Keyword Strategy
* Website Content
* Link Building
* Analytics
* Keeping Ethical SEO Practices

Get your company’s web team the SEO knowledge they need to stay ahead of your competitors with the expert SEO Consulting services at Direct Hit Solutions.

Daily and Weekly Plans SEO Consulting Packages Available.

SEO Consulting Rates Start at $250/hour

Call 877-NET-HITS today for more details on how Direct Hit Solutions’ Expert SEO Services can be an integral part of your Company’s long-term online strategy!

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