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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

DHS Digital’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Management and Media Buying Services are not only limited to AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo but we also manage our client’s websites on an array of targeted websites through Google’s content network, Facebook, Twitter, several Social Bookmarking sites, and several other ad platforms giving our client’s websites the most exposure possible while targeting the appropriate markets and demographics. We use state of the art analytics and conversion tools to get our clients the most bang for their buck and highest ROI possible.

Our targeted Search Engine PPC Campaigns our approached through a science of learning, optimizing, and utilizing several different techniques and tools leveraging each campaign to its optimal level. We manage each individual campaign while focusing on “quality score” which reduces our client’s overall CPC (cost per click) while increasing conversions and clicks. Each ad is professional written by our tactical copywriters so the ad is appealing increasing user the experience and CTR (click-through-rate).

Google changed the game when it comes to PPC Advertising and others have followed. From social sites like Facebook and Twitter to a multitude of other highly relevant sites like Amazon and Ebay, PPC Advertising is everywhere. Our PPC specialists will analyze your site and give you the best recommendations on where your dollars are best spent. Please take a look at Our Awards or Contact Us to get a customized Paid Search Management quote.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

100% Dedication

Whether you’re a Fortune 100 client or a start-up, we take pride in putting forth the same award winning effort for each and every client.

PPC Management Specialists

This is what we do. Since 2005, we have been at the forefront of the industry and our focus is your business.

A Decade of Excellence

For nearly a decade we have continued to build our company through our own principles and referrals.

Over 250 Satisfied Customers

We have the experience needed in a complex environment where things are constantly changing.

We Get Things Done

Simply put. We have completed every project that have come though our doors. In an industry where less than 50% of projects get completed and companies come and go, we have maintained our presence for nearly a decade.

Our Clients


Do you want the most profitable PPC Management experience ever? Go Ahead!

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