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Wide Range of Web Services

Our full suite of web services encompass all of your brand’s vital online presence. Our web services include SEO, Social Media, Paid Search, Rich Media, Content Creation, Re-Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Applications, and more. With nearly a decade of experience and over 150 awards for our full suite of web services, you can rely on DHS Digital to take on every project with the utmost confidence that your project is in good hands.

Things we don’t do:

Host websites. The reason for this is that we have already partnered with some of the most reputable hosting providers in the world. Hosting Companies own and maintain their own servers with IT Professionals. We leave this in the hands of IT Professionals and this type of offering is a solution, not a service.

Use our own proprietary software. Most web development companies have built their own proprietary software SO YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE THEM! Unfortunately, that means any time you need to make a change, update, or improvement, they have no choice to get involved and collect your money again and this is obviously the purpose of them using their own software. We have never and will never engage in this type of business. We use some of the most scalable and Enterprise level software including Joomla, Drupal and Magento to name a few.

Our Clients


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