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The world has gone mobile and Direct Hit Solutions is your complete mobile website solution. With the popularity of web-enabled phones growing exponentially, your target customers may be looking to view your site on-the-go.

We design and develop mobile websites that are simple, functional, and integrate easily into your existing website. Never lose a customer that is too busy to view your website on a computer! We will create a mobile site that makes it easier for multi-taskers and those that work/play/shop on the go to benefit from your business.


The Mobile Difference

Our mobile websites give your user what they are looking for. They are signing on via their phone to get the facts: Directions, hours of operations, quick purchases, phone numbers, etc. Your mobile site can provide the information the user wants quickly and efficiently rather than boggling them down with excess information and scrolling.

Mobile Search

Your Direct Hit Solutions mobile web site is also search-engine-friendly and will bring you more web traffic from on-the-go users if they get what they’re looking for in one stop.

Is “there an app for that?”

Looking to create an iPhone app? Direct Hit solutions can help your clientele grow by offering iPhone application development to keep your brand on the interface of your client’s iPhone.

It’s a Texting World

Since it seems that most phones are used for texting rather than talking these days, we are also capable of working text messaging into your .com or .mobi to further deepen the Mobile experience and reach your users.

If you are looking to provide existing users with a richer online experience or are an entrepreneur looking to get going in one of the hottest internet categories, Direct Hit Solutions can take your Mobile Web Site Design and Development project to the next level and beyond.

Showcase Mobile Web Design and Development Project:

Here is an example of one of our clients who chose to integrate .mobi to their .com website. Check out the website to get ideas for your own site.

How’s The Bar?

The Mobile Web Design and Web Development for was created so that users can rate the bars that they are at. The .mobi site is optimized so that users can quickly and easily navigate through the rating process. The .mobi delivers immediate results by creating a simple site. We can design and develop a similar .mobi site that is easy for your users to navigate through.

Here are some of the features that were created for
•    Smart Search
o    Bar names appear in a drop down menu when typing in the search box
(like the Google search box)
•    Drop Down Menus
o    List drops down and contains words or numbers to choose from
o    Easy to use when rating a bar
•    Text Messaging
o    Allows users to manage who the receive messages from
o    Allows users to manage who the send messages to
•    Live Updates
o    Receive live bar rating updates on your cell phone or from the website
o    Notifies you when one of your friends on the site is rating a bar

Visit to check out the features.

Contact us today to learn more about our experience with Mobile Web Design and Mobile Web Development.

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