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The benefits of developing in (aspx) versus Classic ASP or PHP for instance are greater than most people would think. These are the biggest differences between and classic Asp pages: is compiled (into pure machine code) and kept into memory, better efficiency of web page rendering, faster performance; while classic Asp page is interpreted (not pure machine code). This is not as efficient for web page rendering. is based on Up-to-Date Microsoft .NET Frameworks 3.5 (2007) with better technical supports currently and in the future; while classic Asp’s debut happened in 1990’s. They are structurally different. The function enhancement definitely prefers The current Ajax and third-party software companies are all targeting .NET Frameworks instead of classic Asp.

From the point of view of programming the website, the same website project, programming in could get job done in shorter coding. coding is more efficient, which means finishing the same project in shorter time frame.

Websites built on instead of classic Asp are more secure, stable and much less vulnerable. User Authentication, authorization and role management are built-in features for and are far better than classic Asp, that requires additional database table and coding.Technically speaking, gets better language support, better server communication leading to high Scalability that is not impossible for classic Asp websites;


ASP.NET is not fully compatible with earlier versions of ASP, so most of the old ASP code will need some changes to run under ASP.NET. Upgrading Asp website to is a trend nowadays because of the above advantages from

Our certified web developers are experts in web development and our project completion % is 100%. In an industry where over 50% of web development projects never get finished, this says a lot. We don’t miss deadlines and work around the clock to make sure all of our clients .net web development projects are fully functional before publishing them live to the Internet. Have confidence that Direct Hit Solutions is a clear choice when selecting a company to undertake your web development needs.

Showcase ASP. net Projects:
Here is one example of a website that Direct Hit Solutions top programmers have Designed and Developed. Check out the website to view some of the features that are available to integrate into your own website.

How’s The Bar?
How’s The Bar is a social oriented website which caters to bar hoppers needs. This site is a social networking site complete with customizable profiles and the ability to upload photos, like Facebook. This site allows users to rate and view bar listings. The website is designed to integrate the .com site with the .mobi site. The .com site allows users to check bar ratings from the website or from their cell phone. Bar owners also have the ability to sponsor their own profiles and be able to reach more users. There is also a sign up page for advertisers where they can upload banners or different ads to be placed throughout the site.

Here are some of the features of the Web Development on

* Smart Search
o Bar names appear in a drop down menu when typing in the search box
(like the Google search box)
* Drop Down Menus
o List drops down and contains words or numbers to choose from
* Import Contact Lists
o Import contacts from clients email address, Facebook, MySpace or other social networking sites
* Use 3.5, AJAX, or Highslide
o Creates interaction between the website and the user
* Streamline Information Flow
o Share information through email, instant messaging system, and mobile text messaging system

Visit to check out the features of the site.

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