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I founded Direct Hit Solutions, Inc. in November of 2005 and we are now recognized as a leading Chicago-based Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design and Web Development Company. We’ve recently received a considerable amount of National accolades and I have the talented people here at DHS and an overwhelming amount of understanding clients to thank for that. Most clients realize that after speaking to us for just a short period of time that we are 100% dedicated and passionate about the industry that has been so good to all of us. I founded Direct Hit Solutions on the principles of cost effective and ethical Internet Marketing and as we grow, these principles remain true to the way we do business and have helped us rise to the top in one of the most competitive industries in the U.S. today. Our Search Engine Marketing Services are solely ROI focused to not only to small businesses, but we’ve also worked with some of the top properties on the Internet today. Most would say starting with only one service would be a recipe for disaster, but not for us. Specializing in Pay Per Click Adver­tising was a first step and mastering this was only one obstacle DHS would have to hurdle. Six months after Direct Hit Solutions was started, Organic Optimization (commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization) was introduced to DHS clients and was an instant success. Now 9 years later, we’ve exploded on to the scene achieving consecutive TopSEO’s “Best In Search” Organic Optimization awards and recognized as one of the Top 10 SEO Companies in the U.S by not only TopSEO’s, but Promotion World as well. We’ve also been recently also been recognized as a top Web Development, Local Search and Social Media Optimization Company. We will continue to provide cost-effective Search Engine Marketing and Web Solutions to every industry in the World. As we continue our growth, I’ve made a solid commitment to expanding our knowledge and expertise in Social Media, Viral Marketing, and Web Development and offering the same dedicated services that were the original secret to our success.

-Brian Reiff, Founder | CEO

Why Direct Hit Solutions?

* We Listen to Our Clients and Give Recommendations based on Our Clients needs, Not Our Bottom Line
* Award Winning SEO Services and currently over 3 years running as a Top SEO Company in the U.S.
* The Most Progressive Internet Marketing and Web Development Company in the U.S.
* Top Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Conversion-based Tracking
* 100% Tireless Commitment to Every Project That Comes Through Our Doors
* A Cost-Effective Pricing Structure to Cater Clients of All Sizes


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